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The ghost mannequin photography technique is widely used in the eCommerce business.

Invisible Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost mannequin service is a popular product photography technique used to create a 2D and 3D effect for clothing without the use of a human model. This technique involves capturing front and back images of the garment and merging them to create a seamless and realistic look. By removing the mannequin and the background, the product becomes the focal point, allowing customers to get a better idea of how the clothing will look on them.

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Ghost Mannequin Service For Clothing Products

In the world of fashion photography, creating captivating and three-dimensional product images is an essential art. Our Ghost Mannequin service is the key to achieving the illusion of a model without distractions, bringing the focus entirely onto your clothing line. Whether you’re an e-commerce brand seeking to showcase your collections or a fashion photographer looking to elevate your portfolio, our Ghost Mannequin service is your secret weapon for creating images that stand out.

Ghost Mannequin photography is a technique that allows clothing to be presented as if worn by an invisible model. The result is clean, focused, and professional product images that highlight the fit, shape, and details of your garments.

Ready to elevate your fashion imagery and showcase your apparel in a way that turns heads? Partner with us to experience the enchantment of Ghost Mannequin photography. Let us bring your clothing to life with elegance and style, detail by detail.

Symmetrical Ghost Mannequin Service

Our symmetrical ghost mannequin service can achieve a variety of garment and product symmetry, including right-side and left-side symmetry, front and back figure symmetry, and center-to-center symmetry. We naturally balance mirror proportions, giving the garment or product a consistent and symmetrical look.A dress has various content like chains, buttons, logos we straighten and smooth them to make it attractive to ecommerce buyers and symmetrical appearance.

Neck Joint service

When photographers shoot, they either have to shoot with flatlays or mannequins. When Togar shoots the mannequin show, the mannequin is seen on the neck of the picture. When we remove the mannequin from the neck part of the dress, a gap is created in the inner part of the figure. To fix this, we took the missing part from the composite image and placed it below the gap to make it look much more interesting. Our expert photo retoucher professionally performs the neck joint and prepares it for your online store.

3D Ghost Mannequin Service

3D Ghost Mannequin Image Editing includes Deflect Image processes. This is very creative photoshop work. Whether they are digital photographs, traditional analog photographs or illustrations. Traditional analog image editing is called photo retouching, using tools such as airbrushes to alter photographs, or editing images with any traditional art medium. Photoshop software programs, which can be broadly divided into 3d modelers, are the primary tools with which any image can be manipulated, enhanced and transformed. Many image editing programs are used to render or create computer art from scratch.

Bottom Joint On Ghost Mannequin

When a dress is shot with a mannequin, it is obvious that the back of the dress will be hidden behind the mannequin. So, if you want to expose the back when removing the mannequin, you need to add the part of the dress that is covered by the mannequin.
A bottom joint means adding the bottom of a dress that should be visible when the dress is held without a mannequin.

Ghost mannequin services are used specifically for apparel products to remove the mannequin from the fabric and join the missing parts to complete the product. When we remove the mannequin, the dress looks like someone is wearing it.
Our service is perfect for e-commerce stores, fashion brands, and any other business that needs to present its products in the best light possible. We use advanced techniques such as image masking and color correction to ensure that the final image looks seamless and natural.

Our team of skilled image editors and fashion photography experts are passionate about making your clothing line come to life. We understand the importance of every fold, seam, and detail that goes into showcasing your creations.

What Is Ghost Mannequin Editing?

After photographing with the mannequin, their neck, arms and legs are visible in the image. The invisible mannequin service removes the visible neck, arms and legs of the mannequins from the image and combines the neck area of the product to make it more realistic and visible as 3D. The remaining body parts of the mannequins are hidden under the cloth.Moreover, it enhances product catalog consistency.

Invisible mannequin is also known as ghost mannequin, 3D mannequin, hollow man, neck joint, symmetrical neck joint, cutout etc. All these services mean the same service that removes excess parts from mannequins. We keep editing until it looks 3D.

Benifits Of Ghost Mannequin Service

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Why Choose Us?

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Our team of skilled professionals ensures meticulous attention to detail in every clipping path, guaranteeing precise outlines and clean edges.

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